The base genetics for our flock were acquired in 1995 with the purchase of a nucleus of ewes from Mapolyne Farms followed by the purchase of a buck we named Avalanche, from the Darrell Howard Family. A fall ewe lamb purchased from Duron Howard the next spring set the stage for great things to come when we bred her to Avalanche and twin buck lambs were born: “Summit” (co-owned with Randy Lewis) and “B” (MB Genetics 780B, co-owned with Sam Fortener). “B” and Summit have sired many champion sheep over the years. When we mated “B” to a set of ewe lambs purchased from Ed Schulz in Iowa, a genetic explosion occurred and MB Klondike (co-owned with Pleasant Springs Southdowns) was born. MB Klondike is an outstanding sire of winning wethers as well as replacement ewes that are forming the foundation for our current linebreeding program. In 1998 we leased a buck called Ichabod from Ed Schulz. He sired a ewe lamb we named “Edwina”, out of MB Genetics 655, a Mr. Southdown daughter. The mating of Edwina with “B” resulted in the ugliest Southdown buck lamb ever born on our farm to date. The ugly duckling has grown up, has been christened “The Edge”, and was named Grand Champion twice in consecutive years at the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville as well as Supreme Champion Ram at the Wisconsin State Fair in consecutive years. We are very grateful for the help and advice given to us by many Southdown breeders over the years, especially Jeff Neal, Darrell Howard and Ed Schulz. The Edge (co-owned with Scenic View Farms of Pennsylvania) is siring lambs with both the phenotype and genetic potential to propel the Southdown breed into the future.

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